The capacity and performance to help your data to thrive. Western Digital® creates environments for data to thrive. On your phone, in the cloud, across organizations - everywhere data lives, WD drivers are there. Western Digital's portfolio and technology are helping the world capture, preserve, access, and transform an ever-increasing diversity of data.

The seeds are sown for the eventual founding of Western Digital, with the world's first hard drive, the Model 350 Disk Storage Unit (aka the RAMAC: 971 kg for 5MB). By successive acquisitions (storage division of IBM in 2003 and Hitachi's storage Western Digital in 2012), Western Digital officially founded in 1970, became now one of the largest data storage companies and a leader in data center infrastructure.

Why 2CRSi chose to work with WD? Because of its definite purpose to innovate :

  • 1985: first ESDI (Enhanced Small Device Interface controller board)
  • 1988: introduced "System Flash," a revolutionary storage medium that will replace HDDs in portable, battery-operated devices
  • 2013: released Ultrastar He6, the first helium-filled hard drive

Our longstanding relationships between Western Digital and 2CRSi with customers across the spectrum of data give us unique insights into how needs are evolving.

We're driving the innovation across every layer of the infrastructure necessary to stay ahead of new demands, optimize CAPEX and OPEX costs, as well as their availability of data to be even more efficient in their exploitation. Our breadth of expertise and level of integration gives us an unmatched ability to deliver carefully calibrated solutions for every type and use of data; every layer of storage from cold to hot and High Availability. Western Digital is one of our most prominent suppliers of SSD, HDD, JBOD, and JBOFS.

2CRSi masters the new OpenFlex architecture, an open standard to address the complex and dynamic data workload demands of high-scale private and public cloud data centers, based in NVMe Over Fabric.