The first meeting with GRC (Green Revolution Cooling) was a bit special. The contact introduced our organizations through our mutual client, CGG. By this time, in 2018, 2CRSi was supplying servers to CGG while at the same time CGG was integrating those servers into GRC ICEraQ™ immersion-cooling systems.

It became apparent to both 2CRSi and GRC that a partnership would be extremely valuable to everyone in the data center industry. GRC is the immersion-cooling authority and pioneer of the patented single-phase immersion-cooling technology. With more than 11+ years of experience in the US market, GRC and 2CRSi add combined strength to our partnership. By eliminating the need for chillers, CRACs, air handlers, humidity controls, and other conventional cooling components, enterprises reduce their data center design, build, energy, and maintenance costs.

GRC’s solutions are deployed in seventeen countries and are ideal for next-gen applications platforms, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, HPC, 5G, and other Edge Computing and core applications. Their systems are environmentally resilient, sustainable, and space-saving, making it possible to deploy the solution in virtually any location with minimal lead time. Together, 2CRSi and GRC can radically simplify deployments of data center cooling and infrastructure.