OCP Servers ready for AMD EPYC 9004 Processors!

AMD EPYC™ 4th Generation Processor inside a 21" server!

It's been a few months now that AMD blown us away with their brand-new CPU range, code-named: Genoa. With up to 96 cores, these processors are currently the most powerful on the market.

Putting a Genoa processor inside a 21" server and find a cooling solution efficient enough is a challenge. Our R&D team is working to surpass it with one goal in mind: manufacturing two versions of our OCtoPus; the OCtoPus 1G0 in mono-socket and the OCtoPus 1GG, even more challenging, with dual-socket!

The OCtoPus 1G0: an OCP-based server ready for the 4th Gen of AMD EPYC

The 4th Gen EPYC family has currently the larger number of cores, compared to every other brand on the market. 96 to be precise, with 192 threads and a TDP that can climb up to 400W. 

“With the third-gen Epyc, we’re already the world’s fastest supercomputing chip, and going to the fourth-gen Epyc, our leadership has delivered two-and-a-half times more performance than the competition,” - AMD CEO Lisa Su.

OCtoPus 1G0 Technical Specifications

Our brand-new configuration gathers all new components generations: AMD 4th Gen processor, PCIe 5, DDR5. The goal was to manufacture an up-to-date server, efficient and powerful, in a 21" form factor and based on OCP principles for the market.

More information & the datasheet --> OCtoPus 1G0.

Form factor
21-inch 1OpenU
Storage, Internal type
2x M.2 NVMe PCie 5.0 x2 2280/22110
Storage, External type
1x 5’’¼ Storage add-on bay :
• 5’’¼ Bay for 4 x 2’’½ SATA 6G or SAS 12G from 7 to 15mm height
• 5’’¼ Bay for 4 x U.2 NVMe from 7 to 15mm height
• 5’’¼ Bay for 6 x 2’’½ SATA 6G or SAS 12G from 7 to 10mm height
• 5’’¼ Bay for 8 x 2’’½4 SATA 6G only 7mm height
• 5’’¼ Bay for 1 x 3’’½4 SATA 6G with key
4x M.2 NVMe 5.0x2
Single AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series Processor
Expansion slots
2x PCIe 5.0 x16 for HH-HL cards
1x PCIe 5.0 x16 OCP v3.0 LAN mezzanine slot
Internal expansion slots
2x PCIe 4.0 x16 for HH-HL cards
Total memory slots & capacity 24 (12-channel), up to 12TB, from 16GB to 512GB per module
Memory type DDR5 4800 MHz (1DPC) / 4000MHz (2DPC)
Front I/O 2x USB 3.2 Port (Type A)
1x DB-9 COM
2x RJ45
1x RJ45 dedicated IPMI

Which cooling system are we using?

We believe the best way to handle the heat is implementing an adequate cooling system and choosing a groundbreaking one (such as DLC or immersion cooling). These cooling technologies are able to gather the heat to be reused to heat up different infrastructures.

For both version of our OCP server, we are using the same cooling method: a closed-loop direct liquid cooling systemHow does it work? Simple.

The operation of a closed-loop direct liquid cooling system is relatively straightforward. The pump moves the coolant around the system, heating it as it passes through the heat exchanger. The cooled coolant is then circulated back through the system after flowing to the reservoir to cool. Closed-loop direct liquid cooling systems are a highly effective way to cool electronic components and other heat-generating equipment, as they provide efficient heat transfer and precise temperature control.

Both the mono and dual sockets versions can be racked in a classic OCP rack without any issue.

The OCtoPus 1GG: 2 AMD EPYC 9004 Processors for power and rapidity beyond measure

Two Genoa in one 21" OpenU server, impossible? 

We are confident we can make it! Our final goal is to create an OCP-based server equipped with 2 CPUs of the Genoa family, ​  resulting in a maximum number of 192 cores! The ultimate challenge is the cooling. As experts in the 3 cooling technologies, we are confident in our success!

A recap of AMD EPYC 9004 Processors Tech Specs


Designed to reduce power consumption while doubling the bandwidth.

Up to 160 PCIe Gen 5 in 2 socket servers

Faster than ever.

Up to 96 cores

Capable of handling any type of workloads and computations for any industry.

AMD Infinity Guard ready

Protect your sensitive data with AMD.