What is Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS)?

A Bare Metal Server is a physical server dedicated to a single client. BMaaS provides on-demand, hosted deployment, and support (network, storage, and compute) through a single contract with a single provider. The tenant can optimize its server’s features according to its need in terms of security or performance. In simple terms: you only pay for what you use, when you use it. In short, bare-metal clouds bring benefits associated with cloud storage, including the ability to provide and deploy storage resources as needed.


Networking professionals need to learn how to protect, connect, develop, and regulate not only in the data center but also across a wide multicloud environment if they are to keep up with the tremendous flood of data and the corresponding rise in network needs.

Data center networking is the integration of networking resources to facilitate the storage and processing of applications and data. These resources can be switching, routing, load balancing or analytics. An up-to-date data center networking system is able to run all network services needed to support traditional applications entirely in software and automating previously manual and error-prone provisioning tasks.

Modern data center networking platforms can connect and protect an entire organization’s environment. It is also scalable, capable of adjusting to the evolving needs of users and applications.

Green Data solutions represent a significant advancement in complexity management, workload deployment across any location and business benefits!

What is High Performance Computing as a Service (HPCaaS)?

HPCaaS stands for HPC as a Service. Historically, enterprises preferred on-premises solution for their HPC infrastructure. However, there is hidden costs to run and maintain on-premises HPC. These are the main reason HPCaaS is growing fast and strong lately.

It provides companies with an easy access to high-computing infrastructure without having to buy their own servers and dealing with the maintenance.

Our service aims to address HPC workloads challenges by:

  • Allowing stable and uninterrupted access from everywhere

  • Making HPC tasks easier and suppressing most of the complexity

  • Granting a pay-as-you-go OPEX consumption, reducing the underutilization of resources 

Case study: BNP Paribas French bank

The main goal is to execute risk calculations that requires a high-performance compute grid. The challenge was to keep costs under control as well as handling the processing power. Air-cooled servers were not enough anymore, pushing the bank to seek new and innovative ways.

2CRSi and Green Data responded and delivered an all-in solution in direct liquid cooling involving HPCaaS, private cage and scalable in terms of computing density and space, inside a Tier III data center managed by Green Data. The server infrastructure has a capacity of 40,704 computing cores (Intel® Xeon® Cascade Lake Advanced Performance processors) and its liquid cooling system makes use of the heat generated by the servers.

The results? 31% less energy consumption and 100 tonnes of CO2 saved per year and a better TCO!