2CRSi advocates products and solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Therefore, every day, we push the limits of what is possible in order to offer you customized solutions that will meet your needs. Because each company is unique, some of our products have been designed for a specific need, the details of which have been meticulously calculated. Thus, 2CRSi makes sure that it is perfectly suited to your needs, whatever they may be. We do everything possible to accompany you and to find the solution that will allow you to evolve in the approach that best suits you.

Each day is for us a new opportunity to offer you new innovations, and to better understand our challenges, we invite you to discover our cases studies.

Case study - Digital Signage with Grassfish

The Tranquil Slim Rugged: performance condensed in 26mm for uninterrupted digital signage in elevator


Case study - VDI with Link Office

Scalable and Green VDI Services - Enabling Accelerated Work-from-Home Demand


Case study - UAVE

UAVE Aluminum Heat Sink Reduces Engine Operating Temperature by 20 Degrees and Extends Drone Market Reach


Case study - Liquid cooling in banking

Hosting Service with Direct Liquid Cooling enpowers cost-effective HPC-based risk calculation


Case study - Cooper

IT Hardware in Cooper as a New "Super Weapon" against Virus?


Case study - ICM Brain and Spine Institute

ICM Brain & Spine Institute Breaks the Storage Bootleneck for Life Sciences Computing